Wound Care

Getting You the Help You Need

Prime Regen offers hope to patients who suffer from wounds that show no significant progress toward healing after 30 days.


Before coming to us for treatment, some patients have suffered from their wounds for months and even years. Don't suffer needlessly. Schedule a consultation today

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Chronic Wound Care Relief

Prime Regen offers patients a unique treatment solution covered by insurance that produces relief from chronic wounds that don't respond to conventional wound care methods. 

Our proven treatment protocol incorporates the use of an amniotic liquid allograft to promote rapid healing in chronic wounds. The allograft may be used in conjunction with a highly effective skin substitute to promote healing.


Our approach provides both in clinic and on location care options. 


Insurance Accepted: Medicare Part B Plus Select Others.

Case Study


At start of treatment.


After 5 years of standard treatment (prior to our treatment)

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2 weeks after initial treatment.

After 21 days of treatment.


4 weeks after initial treatment.

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4 weeks after initial treatment.